Thief caught on camera, still on the loose

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DEL CITY, Okla. - A metro plumbing business is cleaned out, and it's all caught on camera.

"Well he got away with a nice drill kit," said Tim Barnum, owner of Barnum's Plumbing. "In fact he stole all the personal  tools from our service guys."

Earlier this week, Barnum's Plumbing was targeted, but the thief failed to realize a surveillance camera was watching his every move.

Surveillance footage shows the criminal jumped the fence, came around the corner and broke into two separate company vehicles. He then came around the front of the business, and made away into the night.

The service has been open since the early 90's, but a rash of recent burglaries have left the Barnum's feeling vulnerable, with thousands of dollars in equipment stolen.

"With us being on a main street it kind of exposes us to pretty much anybody that drives by," said Tina Barnum, co-owner of Barnum's Plumbing. "You work hard for your stuff and a thief steals it, why can't they just get a job?"

The Barnum's have since restocked their tools, but hope a clear image of the thief will bring him to justice.

"If you know who he is, call the police and let them do their job," said Tina. "Get him off the street so he can't do it to someone else."