California earthquake could have ripple effect in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Like many Oklahomans, David Johndrow has lived through hundreds of earthquakes. But he says none was more destructive than the quake in Napa Valley, California.

"It would be like a tornado taking your photo album in Oklahoma. It hit right in the heart."

Johndrow is a small winery owner. He says the quake likely cost him 1/4 million dollars in broken barrels, shattered glass and spilled inventory.

He was relatively lucky! Napa is home to some of California's most prestigious wines and some lost their most cherished reserves.

Johndrow said, "There are several wineries that lost half their production. So you might not see them or the prices will go up because that's their livelihood."

Many wineries are still assessing the damage and trying to salvage inventory.

According to Johndrow, " It's kind of like the game, Jenga. When you pull one and you don't know what's going to fall we are still having aftershocks."

Consumers may feel those aftershocks at the liquor store in the weeks and months ahead.

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