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Police arrest alleged ‘serial killer,’ accused of shooting strangers in cars

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LOS ANGELES – Police in Los Angeles say they have arrested an alleged ‘serial killer.’

Authorities say 34-year-old Alexander Hernandez is the only suspect in three San Fernando Valley murders over the weekend and has allegedly been linked to seven other shootings.

Chief William McSweeney, with the Los Angeles Police Department, said getting Hernandez behind bars was a priority.

“Nothing makes a homicide investigator’s heart beat faster than realizing he has a serial killer. That’s what this man was. His MO and the timeline here was very rapid, a little different from what we’re used to seeing and you’re used to covering. But, this man is and was a serial killer and we were in a very urgent mode as police agencies to resolve this quickly,” he said.

One police official said Hernandez was “randomly shooting people.”

On Wednesday, a 42-year-old employee of the City of Glendale suffered life-threatening injuries after being shot getting off the 5 Freeway,

The next morning, 48-year-old Gildardo Morales was killed while driving to work, according to KNBC.

On Friday, a husband and wife were in their truck in West Hollywood when a gunman opened fire on them.

Fortunately, they were not injured.

On Saturday, three dogs were shot in Pacioma, killing two of the animals.

On Sunday, three people, including two women waiting to go to church, were killed and several others were injured in several shootings in the span of 55 minutes.

The victims included a family of five who were hit by the gunfire on their way to morning mass.

At this time, there is no known motive for the crimes.

“This is an individual that was out randomly shooting people, that’s what we believe happened here, as crazy as that sounds, that’s what happened. So in terms of motive, I don’t know what his motive would have been,” said Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese.