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Police: Neighbors accused of attacking 6-year-old child, burying her alive

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NEW DELHI, India (CNN) – Police in India are searching for a couple who is accused of attacking and then burying a 6-year-old girl alive.

On Monday, the girl’s neighbors told the child that her mother had asked them to take her to a fair in another town, according to her uncle.

As they left their home town, they stopped at a sugar cane field, where the woman attempted to strangle the little girl.

A few villagers working in a nearby field saw the group go into the field but became suspicious when the little girl wasn’t with them when they left.

Police say the workers found the unconscious girl buried in a pit.

While she doesn’t remember being buried alive, the girl was able to identify her neighbors as the ones who took her.

“There is clearly an intention to kill the girl but as of now, we don’t know why,” said Ramesh Kumar, the station officer at the Sitapur Police Station.

The girl’s mother has also been missing since the day of the crime.