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A heartstopping rollover has a mother praying for an infant

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A rollover accident sent three people to the hospital early Saturday.

According to OHP the driver wasn't even old enough to drive.

OHP says the car was flipped over, blocking two of the right hand lanes while crews moved the baby and the male passenger into the ambulance.

Officials say the driver of the vehicle was only 14-years-old.

"The baby wasn't real responsive," OHP said.

Vanessa Hines, a mother of two, watched as crews treated the infant.

"I was terrified and scared for the baby. I was also scared for the mother because there's a million things going through a mother's head when they see a child hurt," Hines said.

A feeling Hines knows all too well.

"I lost a kid in 2004 and I don't take my kids for granted. I do everything for my kids and it saddens me to see a kid get hurt," Hines said.

Luckily that infant and the 14-year-old who was behind the wheel are now in stable condition.

Officials say the male passenger remains in critical condition.