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Friends, family searching for missing Alva man

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ALVA, Okla. - Scott Beeson says he doesn't know what to think about the disappearance of his best friend, Travis Murrow.

"I'm baffled. I've never in my life been associated with anything this bizarre, that a man just up and vanishes," said Beeson.

Murrow is 40 years old and has 4 children.

Beeson says Murrow talks to all of his kids several times a day.

"The fact that man has not called his kids, if that's not the biggest red flag I've ever seen," said Beeson.

Sunday, August 24th is the last time anyone heard from him.

He had sent a message to a woman he was seeing, letting her know he was in the Canton area.

Several days later, Murrow's pickup truck was found abandoned about four miles west of Canton lake.

"Pulled up in front of, not quite to the cattle guard, about 30 foot off the road, just sitting there locked up, nothing suspicious looking about it," said Beeson.

Murrow's friends and family have searched a 10 miles radius around that area on foot, in car and on horseback, but they have found nothing.

"I don't believe that a man just vanishes off of the planet and nobody saw anything," said Beeson.

Beeson says Murrow was a lifelong cowboy.

His friends and family are trying to stay positive, but with each passing hour bringing no news, they say it's hard to keep hopes high.

"A true friend is real hard to come by and good dads are real hard to come by. And he was both," said Beeson.

Murrow actually has several outstanding warrants out of Dewey County, but Beeson says he does not feel those were a factor in Murrow's disappearance.