Officials: Be aware of microorganisms in lakes, rivers and streams

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EDMOND, Okla. - With temperatures reaching near the one hundred degree mark, many people will be trying to keep cool by splashing around this Labor Day.

Not only can the water be dangerous if you don’t know how to swim, but it can also be full of bacteria and viruses.

Labor Day is a time for people to say goodbye to summer and enjoy the outdoors.

"Kind of like the last hooray, you know," said Rachelle Ellison, Edmond resident.

For this Edmond couple, they got up early to spend the holiday at Lake Arcadia.

Roger Gartman swam long distances as Rachelle Ellison watched from the shore.

"I'm probably a little more cautious than some of the other athletes that are out here," said Ellison.

One of her concerns is microorganisms in the water.

Some bacteria could have negative impacts, especially for kids or senior citizens.

"Their immune systems aren't able to repel the infections that could come from different microorganisms, so it's concerning to me," said Ellison.

The Department of Environmental Quality recommends people hold their nose or wear nose plugs when jumping in.

Officials say swimmers should never swallow water or swim near areas with floating debris, stagnant water or dead fish.

Wearing goggles and ear plugs can also help protect your health.

Beginner swimmers should stay close to the shore.

"Don't get too bold and get out too far where you have panic, said Gartman, Edmond resident.

The best advice for people is to just be aware and pay attention to water conditions to reduce exposure to water born microorganisms.