Shocking video: Distracted drivers in school zones caught on-camera

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There's reason to believe the problem of distracted drivers around school zones and school buses is getting worse.

Watch the video above and see what happens when a school bus in Minnesota stops to pick up a student.

A semi truck flies past the lowered stop-arm and flashing lights on the bus, and drives on the highway's shoulder headed right towards a 7th grader.

"He came here and wouldn't stop so I just backed up a little," said Alexis Schwartz, 7th Grader.

"As the semi went by there's nothing but dust and I thought she was dead and all of a sudden her little face appeared," said Mike Egerman, School Bus Driver.

The truck driver on the video later turned himself to police, reportedly admitting to being distracted.

Charles Territo, of American Traffic Solutions, sets up cameras on school buses and in school zones to catch violators, and he says it's helping.

"There are more than a hundred children killed and more than 25,000 injured every year in collisions that occur or accidents that occur during the process of getting to or from school," said Charles Territo, American Traffic Solutions.

Territo say school and safety officials across the country are always searching for ways to help reduce distracted driving, especially around schools.

Watch the video player above.