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These small and fuzzy insects could send you to the emergency room

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It is small and fuzzy, but a sting from one of these insects can send you to the emergency room.

Encounters with puss caterpillars are on the rise in parts of the United States.

At first glance, it may look harmless.

A fat, furry caterpillar that likes to make its home in several types of trees.

However, all that fur is covered in venom.

“It’s the pain.  It is instant and immediate and it’s very intense,” ER physician Dr. Glenn Hardesty said.

Dr. Hardesty describes the pain from a puss caterpillar as worse than that from a sting from a bee, a jellyfish, and even a scorpion.

The caterpillar’s sting can also cause vomiting, convulsions, and a drop in blood pressure.

“During certain times of the year, they become more prevalent and we are in a time of year they become more prevalent,” Dr. Hardesty said.

Reports of people getting stung, who ended up at the ER, are on the rise.

Doctors say these insects are known to fall out of trees, but keep a look out for them when you are working outdoors.

If you or anyone you know happen to pick one up, and it’s a small sting, you can use tape to pull the hairs off your skin.

If your sting is more severe, you may have to get some medical help.