Reports: Angry child cuts worker’s safety rope because noise interrupted cartoons

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A construction worker was left in a precarious situation because of the noise he was making outside a family’s window.

According to the Daily Mail, the construction worker was dangling 100 feet above the ground after a 10-year-old boy cut the man’s safety rope.

The newspaper claims the child became upset after he was not able to hear his cartoons over the noise.

The man, identified only as Liu, said he felt his lower rope shaking and saw the boy cutting it with a knife.

He says he yelled at the child to stop, but he didn’t listen.

The worker called to colleagues, who immediately called firefighters for help.

Firefighters were able to pull Liu to safety.

After speaking with police, the boy admitted to what he had done.

His father apologized for the incident and purchased Liu a new safety rope.

Click here for the Daily Mail’s full story.

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