Canadian County mother living in ‘house of filth’ accused of molesting young relative

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CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. - A Canadian County mother is accused of molesting a young relative who lived in her Piedmont home.

The 11-year-old boy is accusing Alethea Montgomery of forcing herself on him.

Officers also described Montgomery’s home as a house of filth, saying they had trouble moving around.

When they finally got inside and found Montgomery, she was so intoxicated they had to wait to interview her on a different day.

Officers say there was trash everywhere and cat feces and beer cans all over the ground.

The only thing in the fridge was water, alcohol and spoiled milk.

Terrible living conditions for anyone, especially an 11-year-old.

He lived here with Montgomery for weeks at a time, going without eating or bathing.

Living next door Bob Banks couldn't imagine what was going on inside this house.

He says he suspected she abused alcohol and other neighbors described Montgomery as being out of her mind.

Banks says, “I know that there’s something not right.”

During an interview with detectives the boy told them when Montgomery drinks she has moments.

He said this time her moment involved trying to molest him.

He said, "She first asked him if he could keep a secret."

She then came into the room, laid down on the bed and told him to come closer.

He told them she tried to force him to touch her exposed breast.

He told her 'no, no, no' ran away and tried to hide behind his curtains.

She then forced him onto the bed and tried again before he got away to run outside and call for help.

Montgomery told police she doesn’t remember anything from that day. She said maybe it was something she did in her sleep.

Saying, “He is not a liar and I do stuff in my sleep. I hope to God I didn’t do something, but if I did, I was asleep.”

She later confessed, “I believe him, I believe him, I’m just sick to my stomach.”

Neighbor Bob Banks says, “My heart breaks for him.”

Court documents say DHS is also involved in the case.

Montgomery is facing child sex abuse and child neglect charges in Canadian County.

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