UPDATE: Edmond school district moving bus stop off busy street

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UPDATE 9/5/14: Officials with the Edmond Public School District say the bus stop near Broadway and Woodland will be moved to a location inside the neighborhood, away from the traffic on Broadway.


EDMOND, Okla. - There are quite a few busy streets around the metro, but residents in Edmond say one particular intersection has them concerned.

Neighbors say they see large trucks driving 50 miles per hour near Broadway and Woodland.

It is not only a busy street, but it is also the bus stop where Martha Newcomb takes her five children and grandchildren.

"You can feel the pressure from these cars push you. Our kids are getting on the bus right here, small kids," said Martha Newcomb.

Newcomb says the kids have even used bushes for protection from the traffic while waiting for a bus to take them to Cross Timbers Elementary School.

One of the main concerns centers around a hill, which parents say prevents cars from having enough time to react when the bus stops.

"It's just right over the hill and then there's our stop. There's just not enough time to stop," said Memorie Stewart.

Memorie Stewart says the bus driver occasionally misses the stop, leaving his riders terrified.

"You can hear when the bus driver comes over this hill and slams on their brakes like, 'Oh I forgot to stop.' You can hear the kids on there screaming," Stewart said.

Newcomb and Stewart say they've been calling Edmond Public School’s transportation department for three years.

"Writing, sending letters, going to the websites they tell me to go to and nothing," said Newcomb.

When NewsChannel 4 contacted them Wednesday, there appeared to be some progress.

"Our transportation officials do plan on going out there and taking a look at this stop and ascertaining what's going on out there," Susan Park-Schlepp, with Edmond Public Schools, said.

These moms fear the worst if something doesn't happen soon.

"This is where our children catch the bus. Our babies catch the bus right here, and if we don't get help, something bad will happen," Newcomb said.

Edmond school officials say many factors go into creating a bus stop, including how narrow the road is, whether the bus can turn around and the road conditions.

In addition, they say they plan on looking at the intersection in the next day or two before determining if the route needs to be moved.

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