Growing trend could cut down your travel costs

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Planning to head out tonight?

There’s a new option that could help you cut down the cost of a cab.

You just have to be ok with the idea of sharing a taxi with a stranger.

Cab sharing is apparently growing in popularity in some big cities.

Sure you have to share a space with someone you might not know but it also means you share the bill.

Fortune Magazine reports several companies have launched services allowing passengers to match up and share rides in taxis and car services like Uber and Lyft.

You input your origin and destination and will find someone else with an exact or similar route.

These new services are especially offered from congested places like airports, hotels and convention centers.

According to Fortune, experts say attitudes about privacy are slowly changing.

Folks don’t seem to mind sharing a space with a stranger, if it means saving time and money in a society that’s becoming more crowded.

And sharing a ride isn’t new.

Fortune points out the carpooling trend began amid cost-cutting efforts during World War II and returned during the oil crisis in the early 1970s.

Sharing could also prove attractive to traditional taxi services as they search for a way to fend off the challenges from Uber and other start-ups.

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