Popular poultry producer announced dramatic reduction in chicken antibiotic use

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Perdue foods continues to be an industry leader in reducing antibiotic use in chickens.

The nation’s third-largest chicken producer announced it has removed all antibiotics from its chicken hatcheries.

Eliminating the use of antibiotics in the hatchery has taken five years to fully implement and is the latest stage in a 12-year evolution in the company’s approach to antibiotic use.

Perdue has not used antibiotics for growth promotion in its chicken products since 2007.

To clarify, Perdue does use an animal only antibiotic to control an intestinal parasite and will use that antibiotic to treat and control illness in sick flocks when prescribed.

This will affect only about five percent of chickensĀ for a few weeks.

This very limited use of antibiotics is more restrictive than the new FDA guidelines requires.

Antibiotic-free chicken is believed to account for teen percent of what consumers spent on fresh chicken in 2013.


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