Take the test to see if you have mild Alzheimer’s

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OKLAHOMA - Alzheimer's impacts nearly 60,000 Oklahomans.

Dr. Richard Smith is a Neurosurgeon and Medical Director at Mercy Hospital. He says, like most fatal diseases, early detection is paramount.

The Mini-Mental State Examination is a series of questions used to determine mild to moderate Alzheimer's.

Click here to take the Mini-Mental State Examination

Language, orientation, and recall are all challenged.

In Alzheimer's patients, the brain is like a plump grape left out in the sun. Without nourishment, it begins to shrivel and die.

But detected early enough, there are things we can do to jump start the brain.

Like muscles of the body, the brain needs to be "exercised."

Board games, cross word puzzles, learning a new language, or learning a musical instrument are all good ways to exercise your brain.

High Blood Pressure, bad cholesterol, tobacco and excessive alcohol can all to contribute to impaired memory.

If you would like to join KFOR's Lance West at the "Walk To End Alzheimer's" on September 27th in Bricktown, register here.