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Amazing! Shark encounter caught on video

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DESTIN, Fla. – A group of guys vacationing in Destin, Florida witnessed a hammerhead shark get too close to some swimmers from their hotel balcony.

They yelled warnings, but it took a long time for their message to sink in.

They caught the whole encounter on video.

“My friend lost his keys and we were rummaging around the condo looking for his keys. Come to find out somebody bolted out the door and said, man, come see this hammerhead coming towards these people.”

Despite the group’s frantic warnings, the swimmers don’t react.

However, the group got more nervous as they watch the shark start to chase a stingray.

“We were screaming down and they disregarded it, looked like, he threw his hands up like ‘yeah right.’ But when he finally figured out the shark was there it looked like he walked on water.”

“It was like this is something that other people have to see. This is just crazy unbelievable, never seen anything like this before.”

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