Oklahoma toddler found dead in bed; Stepmother arrested, accused of child abuse

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OKLAHOMA CITY  - Oklahoma City police are investigating a deadly case of alleged child abuse.

Police say two-year-old Genshawn Cooper was found dead inside his home on Wednesday.

The boy's stepmother, Kindell Adair, 33, has now been arrested for child abuse.

The toddler's father, Marion Cooper, 38, found his son, face down on an air mattress, and not breathing.

The father says another infant was sleeping on top of his son on that mattress.

Medical reports show the victim suffered from a head trauma before the death.

The victim's dad is not sure whether or not the boy's stepmother could be to blame.

"I can't really say what happened," said Cooper. "I know she loved them kids, so I can't really see her doing that."

It all happened inside a small home on SW 23rd street.

According to the police report, the suspect allegedly told police she gave the victim some Pedialyte because he had been running a fever the night before and that the victim then fell and hit his head.

"Once the body got to the ME's office they found signs of abuse consistent with head trauma," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

So far the death has not been ruled a homicide.

His dad hopes the injuries were the result of a tragic accident.

"I'm hoping it was an accident," said Cooper. "She loved them boys and I can't see her hurting them."

"The ME's investigation is ongoing and they have not ruled if it's a homicide, but they did find signs of head trauma," said Knight.

Whatever caused the death inside the home, the victim's dad is now focused on making funeral plans, and letting the legal system sort of the rest.

"My main thing is trying to bury my baby. The rest will come out," said Cooper. "Right now it's all about my baby being laid to rest."

The victim's stepmother is behind bars accused of child abuse, but the charge can be upgraded to murder if the case is ruled a homicide by the medical examiner's office.

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