Study ranks Oklahoma City as one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., officials disagree

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A surprising report released on a website has Oklahomans talking.

The site took the 200 most populous cities in the United States and ranked them in a number of categories.

After analyzing the data, says Oklahoma City is the second 'Most Dangerous City in America.'

The author says he used statistics found mostly through the FBI website for law enforcement per capita, traffic fatalities per capita, violent crime per capital, property crime per capita, sex offenders occurrences per capita and percentage of the population enrolled in healthcare.

However, authorities in Oklahoma say you should wait before jumping to judgement.

He says there are a lot of problems with using that information to make this type of claim.

"First of all, I want to say that I don't believe Oklahoma City is the second most dangerous city in the United States. I don't buy that," said Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty.

He says comparing and contrasting data between states is not at all scientific with the information available.

"We keep statistics on drive-bys because most of the drive-bys are committed by gangs, but Chicago couldn't even tell us at all how many drive-bys they had," Citty said.

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