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“That could have killed somebody,” Quiet neighborhood riddled with bullets

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NORMAN, Okla. - Homes in a quiet Norman neighborhood are now riddled with bullets.

Right now, three people are facing criminal charges after allegedly turning an Oklahoma river into their personal firing range.

Officials with the Norman Police Department say they are probably not the only ones.

Residents say it is pretty common to hear guns being fired in a wooded area along the Canadian River.

But those shots are getting too close to home for many neighbors in the Cambridge Addition.

"It sounded like the blinds were crashing," said Kelly Lang.

Lang says she was just feet away from where a bullet tore through her window.

It landed in her living room under an end table, near the spot where she usually sits to watch television.

"Thankfully, no one was in this room," said Lang.

When the bullet made its way into her home, she says she couldn't figure out where it came from.

However, the Norman Police Department says it has an idea.

Authorities believe people are firing their guns for fun near the South Canadian River.

Officials say most of the bullets are probably shot into the air but the shooters are not taking into account where they end up.

“Somebody needs to tell them there’s a neighborhood on this side!” said Peggy Wright.

Wright says her children were in the room when a nine millimeter bullet pierced her window.

“We could still hear them shooting. They were still shooting rounds off,” says Wright. “I’m that mad mother. I went, 'Are you kidding me!' I immediately started walking towards that river. It was three very intoxicated individuals.”

Wright says residents in her neighborhood are very active and is thankful for the minimal damage so far.

“Riding bikes, people walking dogs, kids playing,” says Wright. “I’m just thankful it was a window and not a person. Windows can be replaced.”

She says the next time, they might not be as lucky.

“That could have killed somebody,” says Wright. “Just ignorance.”

Norman officials want to remind everyone that the area in question around the South Canadian River is private property.

Even if you have permission to be there, it is illegal to shoot a firearm if you are not hunting.

Authorities also say the shot cannot be pointed toward any residential areas.

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