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Attention parents: New app could save your child’s life

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Any parent worries about ways to keep their children safe.

There is now an app for that.

It was created by a Texas middle schooler with a passion for technology and helping others.

Kids seem to have a knack for new technology, but 12-year-old Dylan Puccetti really gets it.

He already has two patents and just came up with a new mobile app.

“I hope it’ll save somebody’s life someday,” Puccetti said.

The Save Me app turns the power button on any android phone into a panic button.

“If you’re in trouble, like if I was getting abducted and I had my phone in my pocket, all I have to do is reach down and press the power button,” Puccetti said.

After pressing on and off several times, the phone automatically sends a pre-written message to a parent or anyone else programmed into the app.

“I just got a message saying ‘please help, I may be in danger,” Puccetti said.

With an upgrade, the receiver will get a map showing the sender’s exact location.

The app, which is already on Google Play, has been downloaded some 200 times.

Puccetti says the alerts can be sent out quietly and quickly, and even help a kid avoid peer pressure.

“I can press that button, and my call will call me,¬†and I could answer it, and I could be like, ‘well I have to go real quick, I’ll see you later,” Puccetti said.

“You mean an excuse?” a reporter asked.

“Yeah, it can be an excuse to leave, and then I can tell my dad what was really going on,” Puccetti said.

He thought of the app after hearing about Jessica Cain, a Galveston County teen who disappeared in 1997.

Dylan’s dad was friends with Cain and often talks about her case.

Dylan, who goes to Austin Middle School in Galveston, excels at math, science, and engineering.

In 5th grade, he patented his first invention, a tool to teach young baseball players how to pitch.



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