Good Samaritan claims she was robbed while helping stranded driver

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A Good Samaritan says she was trying to help a stranded motorist when she became the victim of a robbery.

The victim says she pulled over to help another woman and her two children, who appeared to be stranded with a broken down vehicle.

The victim saw the driver with the hood up on her car, so she stopped and grabbed jumper cables from her vehicle.

That's when police say a man stuck a gun in her back.

"A male suspect said, 'Give me all your cash or you're going to die,'" said Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

As soon as the victim handed over her cash, the stranded driver and her kids drove away.

It all happened so fast the victim says she didn't get a good look at either suspect.

"She wasn't able to give us a good description other than a female and two kids and a black male," said Wardlow.

For their part, police say the crime can serve as a lesson for drivers everywhere.

"We understand when people see people stranded, their instinct is to stop and help them. This is a prime example why we don't do that," said Wardlow. "We would encourage the public if they see this, to let an officer come out and check out that situation."

Fortunately, the victim was not hurt during the crime but no arrests have been made in the case.

Anyone with information can contact Crimestoppers.

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