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Imposter arrested after scamming several businesses, claiming to be Navy SEAL

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WESH) – A few Good Samaritans thought they were helping a Navy SEAL, but soon realized they had been conned.

The accused imposter told workers at Daytona Inn and Neptune’s Sports Pub his name was Alex Seppi, a Navy SEAL being deployed to Afghanistan in a matter of days.

He asked for a place to rest and money to get back on base.

“This probably did help somebody. He won’t be able to do it again for a long time,” said Jim Brittain, the owner of Neptune’s Sports Pub.

He says he fed Seppi and even loaned him $500 after the man told him that his wallet was stolen.

The owners of the attached hotel put him in an ocean front room.

“We got a phone call from someone who said he was his commanding officer, thanking us for helping him,” Brittain said. “I said, ‘No problem, that’s what we do.”

When Seppi broke his leg climbing a fence, they got him to the hospital and went to his hotel room to secure it for him.

That’s when they found out who he really is.

Seppi, also known as 47-year-old Schoen Labombard, has a long history of fraud charges.

Marilyn Ritz, a waitress at the bar, was furious to learn thatĀ Labombard had ripped off her boss, so she decided to turn the tables on him.

“It was really hard for me to keep my cool in the hospital with him and not want to do something to him but I did not, in order to get the picture of him,” Ritz said.

Labombard is wanted in New York for impersonating an officer and larceny. He has also done prison time for several other fraud convictions.

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