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‘True love like no other,’ Man gives wife his last breath

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LAKE WYLIE, S.C. – An elderly couple, who had been together for more than 60 years, was found dead inside their home.

Investigators say Dave Molter died trying to give his wife, Corrine, CPR; giving his wife his last breath.

Brandy Williams broke down, talking about losing a couple she called best friends.

“Just wonderful people. I’ve never met anybody like that in my life,” said Williams.

Williams was the caregiver for Dave and Corrine Molter.

Corrine had advanced Alzheimer’s and Dave waited on her hand and foot.

“Just being there and seeing it with my own eyes, it’s like true love like no other. It’s the kind you see in movies, not the kind you see in real life,” she said.

They lived on a quiet road, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy town.

However, they were very familiar faces to their neighbors.

Elke Hall would see Corrine out walking and her husband was never far behind.

“She would walk down the street and he would follow her from way back, so she wouldn’t know he was following her,” Hall said.

Investigators believe Molter died while trying to do CPR on his wife.

His body was found next to her in their home.

Corrine was 83-years-old, Dave was 84.

Williams found them when she showed up at the house the next day.

“I just want to know that they didn’t struggle. I just want to know they didn’t struggle,” Williams said.

Molter was a well-known member of the Steele Creek Masonic Lodge and would bring his wife to every meeting because he couldn’t leave her.

Wray Moxley says their deaths together are just right.

“It’s almost fitting, I guess that the two of them are gonna be together forever,” he said.

To Williams, the loss is devastating but she is still able to find a little light in their passing.

“I’m glad they’re together, and I know that he wouldn’t want it any other way,” she said.

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