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Caretaker accused of stealing from elderly couple with declining health

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma woman who was paid to take care of the elderly is now accused of stealing from them.

Police say caretaker, Tina Knox, stole thousands of dollars from an elderly couple.

Allen and Betty are in their eighties and their health is declining.

He is a WWII veteran and his vision is going, while she has dementia.

For more than a year Tina Knox took care of them as their at home care taker.

Allen says, “She cleaned, she cooked, and just done real good."

But one day looking through their jewelry boxes they found thousands of dollars worth of jewelry missing and only one suspect.

“Betty’s wedding ring, her engagement ring, two diamond rings, a coin ring,” says Allen. “I guess all the time she was just looking around to see what she wanted.”

Allen says what is so heartbreaking is they trusted Knox, never thinking for a second she would steal from them.

“But you can sure get fooled,” says Allen. “I guess she’s just a scum bag hypocrite.”

Now after everything they've been through with Knox, they still do not have the money they say they deserve to cover their losses.

Tina Knox worked for Accentra Home Healthcare and they are bonded to take care of what Knox allegedly stole.

Allen says the 40-year-old jewelry altogether is worth as much as $10,000. They were offended by how much Accentra offered to give.

“She offered me $1,000,” says Allen. “I’m sure not going to settle for no thousand dollars.”

Allen says they'll keep fighting, hoping Accentra will do the right thing, while at the same time working toward forgiving the woman who was supposed to take care of them.

“I pray for her. I’ve tried to forgive her,” says Allen. “I think that’s the only thing to do”

We have multiple phone calls in to Accentra Home Healthcare to see if they will change their minds but have not heard back yet.

We've also learned that Knox allegedly pawned the couple's jewelry so it is unlikely they will ever see it again.

She faces a list of felony charges including financial exploitation of the elderly.