Hazmat crews called to Edmond after man pours gasoline throughout house

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EDMOND- Police say a man, Vincent Malakar of Edmond, was arrested for arson after he began dousing his home and furniture with gasoline.

Photo: Edmond Police Dept., Vincent Tipu Malakar

Photo: Edmond Police Dept., Vincent Tipu Malakar

Police say Vincent Malakar's wife, Lilian Biswas, called officers around midnight Tuesday saying her husband was acting strangely.

"The first time was just after midnight, a female living here said her husband was intoxicated and hadn't taken some medication he needed," Jenny Monroe with Edmond Police said.

Officers advised Biswas to leave the home if she felt unsafe, but she decided to stay.

Police say just a couple of hours later, they received another call from the home saying Malakar had threatened to burn the home with his family inside.

"He had told the wife he wanted his keys and he wanted to leave so that's why he took the gasoline and doused the entire house," Monroe said.

His wife told officers he poured gasoline around the home and turned on the electric stove.

"There was enough in there, initially that it did have an explosive atmosphere at first," Jason Egelston with the Edmond Fire Department Hazmat crew said.

The home did not ignite, but Hazmat crews say there is damage from gasoline throughout the property.

"She is an angel, she has one son who is in high school and she has worked two jobs to keep him in private school until now," Iris Henderson, a family friend said about Lilian.

Malakar lived in the home with his wife and teenage son.

Malakar's wife said her husband does suffer from bipolar disorder.


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