OU student claims harassment by man who calls himself a preacher

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NORMAN,Okla. - An OU student is claiming she was harassed and attacked by a man who calls himself a preacher.

The student is a junior at OU.

Audreanna Stevens says the man claims to spread the word of God, but thinks he took it too far and was obscene.

Video shot by Stevens just days ago shows a man yelling at students in front of Dale Hall at OU.

"He calls himself brother Matt.  He started off really well and really nice, but then he got really vulgar in the way he was talking," Stevens said.

Then she says things took a turn.

"I was wearing regular Nike shorts and a tank top and he said 'the way you're dressed implies you're an unintelligent whore.' He also pointed out another girls, saying the same things," Stevens says.

Video shows a large group of students gathered.

She had enough and went to OU police. She says they told her nothing could be done.

"We can't technically because of freedom of speech. We cannot say anything to him because he's on a public campus," Stevens says OU officer told her.

Stevens says she understands, but thinks the man went too far.

"I don't mind preachers being on campus and spreading the word. I just felt super harassed and did not feel safe," Stevens said.

She also said she felt like she was verbally raped by the man's comments.

Now, she just wants the man gone.

"I don't think you should be allowed to do that, it's harassment," Stevens said.

OU police spoke with NewsChannel 4 over the phone, they say they are aware of the preacher but can not comment on the matter.

You can watch a part of the video here.

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