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Man spends 44 hours in line for iPhone 6, hopes it will save his marriage

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BRISTOL, United Kingdom – A man, who was one of the first ones in his area to buy the new iPhone 6, says the device was never meant for him.

Darius Wlodarski, who is originally from Poland, stood in line for 44 hours to purchase the new iPhone 6.

When asked why he would stand in line so long for the device, Darius said it was an attempt to save his marriage.

“Normally, it should be a great day but it’s not so great for me today, even if I got the iPhone 6. It’s for my wife. But basically, after 20 years of marriage, she split with me a month ago because I wasn’t the best husband, father, unfortunately. And I didn’t realize that until she said that she was going to split. I didn’t know how family was important to me. So, I did so many things wrong,” he said.

He decided that one way to show his dedication to his wife would be to get the new phone for her.

In his own way, he says it is an apology to his family for not being as good as he could have been.

Darius says he knew his wife would want the new phone because of its bigger screen.

He says that he hopes it reminds his wife of the time he purchased the first iPhone for her.

“The first iPhone I bought for her, she was so happy. I was telling her for a year that she will be happy, that she couldn’t believe it. Eventually, when she get it, she was happy. Now, she wants bigger screen for her hands, so I get the bigger one,” he said.

He had one message for her and his daughter after getting the device.

“I could be good again. I don’t know, maybe you’ll trust me again. Sorry,” he said.

Darius says he wanted to make sure his wife, Joanna, got exactly what she wanted.

He says he does not expect the present to get them back together but hopes it will make her happy.