Craigslist scam leaves Oklahoma woman out of cash and homeless

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A local woman is out of cash and homeless after answering an ad on Craiglist.

Taylor Richards was ready to rent her first home so she turned to Craiglist and found a house in Midwest City.

It was being advertised by Kimberly Munson who had a heartbreaking reason why she needed to lease her home.

“She was in a car accident recently. It was her and her two boys. The oldest one died and her and her youngest were paralyzed,” says Richards. “She was deaf due to the accident and that was the reason why I was not to talk to her on the phone.”

The woman even sent Richards a lease agreement with her signature at the bottom and a picture of herself and her surviving son.

Feeling bad for her, Richards blindly wired the woman a $200 deposit.

Craigslist does warn everyone to deal locally and face to face but Richards ignored that.

“The only reason why I did believe her was because of the heartbreaking story,” says Richards. “I was ready to move in and I expected to move in on Monday.”

But after a quick online search she found the same house on a property management website so she gave them a call.

Richards says, “She told me well I never got a deposit from you so it’s not your house.”

Another online search of the woman's email address,, found she has been scamming people in the metro and across the country for four years.

“Now I’m stuck in the middle of nothing and nothing,” says Richards.

Now she wants everyone to know if you ever see that email address on Craigslist, keep scrolling.

“I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through these last few days,” says Richards. “It’s terrible. It hurts. I thought I had everything going for me and now I’m stuck at square one.”

The woman's information is from out of state so local police departments say they can't do anything to stop her but you can look for red flags.

Click here for more information about avoiding scams on Craigslist.

Richards says to avoid and phone numbers, (904) 748-9143 and (404) 884-8856.

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