Boys suspended for bringing candy inspired by ‘Breaking Bad’ to school

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Fans of “Breaking Bad” are familiar with the color blue and what it symbolizes.

A mother in New Mexico says her two young boys were kicked out of school for bringing candy to class, inspired by the television show.

On a Wednesday afternoon, Virginia Valdez would usually be at work and her three kids would be in class at Reginald Chavez Elementary School in Albuquerque.

Instead, they’re at home playing Monopoly.

On Tuesday, 10-year-old Gabriel and 9-year-old Christian were suspended for bringing a bag of candy to school.

“It’s, like, one of my favorite kinds,” said Gabriel Valdez.

Gabriel says he brought the candy to school to share with his friends.

However, the crystal candy is marketed as “Breaking Bad” candy, resembling the meth you see on the show.

The boys are not familiar with the show and had no idea about the reference.

School officials gave out slips to the Valdez family, saying the boys were being suspended for two and a half days for bringing drugs to school.

“It’s really not drugs, it’s candy. You know, I just think that’s very unfair,” said Virginia Valdez.

A spokesperson for Albuquerque Public Schools said the boys were suspended for “inappropriate and unacceptable behavior, and disruption of the educational process.”

“If candy is brought into the classroom, it can be a distraction, but this was actually going on on the playground,” said Valdez.

She says the suspension goes too far and other parents agree.

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