Reports: UCO students could face charges for making threats on anonymous app

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EDMOND, Okla. – According to a local university, a pair of college students could face charges after posting a threat to an anonymous app.

The University of Central Oklahoma says a student was caught posting a threatening message to Yik Yak, the first threat came in by a male student last week.

The post said he planned on shooting people on the UCO campus.

“It happened a week ago last Tuesday, we were contacted by a student who had seen a post on Yik Yak,” Charlie Johnson, Vice President of University Relations says.

Yik Yak is a free app that does not require a username or a password.

Once you log onto the app, users can post messages that are visible to anyone within a mile and a half of the posting location.

The app promises to conceal your identity, but here’s what the FBI and campus IT found within hours.

“They found the individual, the individual had posted twice actually, once form a residence in Edmond and once from our library,” Johnson said.

UCO officials say they considered it a “low-level” threat, which did not warrant an alert to faculty, staff and students.

“We did not think it was an imminent threat, but we took it very seriously,” Johnson says.

The second threat was made around midnight Wednesday, it said “I might shoot up UCO tomorrow, it depends on how I feel.”

Authorities say they know who the two people are, but neither person has been arrested.

However, both could face charges.

The FBI is involved in the investigation.

On Thursday, the university posted a warning to all students about making threats on the app.

“When you post on Yik Yak or other social media, it’s not anonymous, you can be found, you will be found,” Johnson said.

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