Terrifying: Photographer captures woman hiding on roof from intruder

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VENICE, Calif. – A California woman was terrified after she realized someone was breaking into her home.

The incident happened early Wednesday morning at a house in Venice, California.

Police say the woman was asleep when she heard someone break into her home.

That’s when she climbed out onto the roof and called police.burglar

It wasn’t long before the burglar followed her.

Alex Thompson, a photographer, says she was taking pictures when she noticed the girl on the roof.

“I’m zooming in and I’m snapping pictures of her as she is, like, on the phone. And then this head pops up on the other side of the roof behind her and this figure, that was so scary,” she said.

Police were eventually able to coax the woman down and arrested the burglar after ordering him off the roof.

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