Found: Oklahoma police find missing 9-month-old & 6-year-old

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UPDATE 9/30/14  2:30 A.M. :

DUNCAN, Okla. – Deputies say they have found two missing kids from Duncan, a 9-month-old and a 6-year-old, and they are safe.

Authorities also found the woman who allegedly took them, Nicci Voyles, 30, who is also known as Brandi Hoglan Voyles.

9-month-old Dasiah Clenny and 6-year-old Suquoyia Solomon were found at a home outside Duncan city limits in Stephens county  at 11:49 pm Monday.

Officers say the grandmother of the children called police to alert them they had been found.

Police are conducting interviews to determine if anyone involved will face charges.

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DUNCAN, Okla. - A Duncan family is frantically searching for answers after a 9-month-old and 6-year-old went missing.

Police say 9-month-old Dasiah Clenny and 6-year-old Suquoyia Solomon were last seen with Nicci Voyles, 30, who is also known as Brandi Hoglan Voyles. EndangeredChildren

"I'm sure they miss their mom. Their mother is just beside herself, don't know what to do. We don't know how to help her," said Sherry Solomon, the missing kids' grandmother.

Summer Solomon got back from work to her Duncan home on West Willow around 3:00 a.m. Monday morning to find her two children and roommate gone.

But her family says she wasn't alarmed right away.

"She said it wasn't uncommon for her to take them to a friend's and she wasn't really worried until the oldest one, Suquoyia, wasn't at school," said the kids' aunt, KaTreasa Solomon.

That's when the mother called Duncan police reporting 9-month-old Dasiah and 6-year-old Suquoyia missing.

"She said there was no reason that she would ever do this. She knows her as a very sweet person. She's trusted her with her kids plenty of times, months back now and nothing like this has ever happened," said KaTreasa Solomon.

Police are now searching for the kids and the woman who allegedly has them, Brandi Hoglan Voyles.

"These kids need care, they need food and clothes and from what we can tell, she has no way to provide for these children. So we need to get them home," said Duncan Police Detective, Dustin Smith.

Authorities say the infant is in danger because he needs a breathing treatment every four hours.

The baby was last seen wearing a white onesie.

6-year-old Suquoyia was last seen with a pink Barbie bike.

Police say Voyles was last known to have long purple hair.

If you have any information, please call the Duncan Police Department at (580)255-2112.




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