Oklahoma City police officer accused of sex crimes facing 10 additional charges

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City Police officer accused of preying on women while on patrol is now facing 10 additional charges after two more women have come forward.

According to court documents, prosecutors say the Oklahoma City Police has obtained copies of Facebook communications from Daniel Holtzclaw to one of the victims that verify her statements.

He is now facing 26 criminal counts for allegedly sexually assaulting and raping 10 women.

The counts include: Indecent Exposure, Sexual Battery, Forcible Oral Sodomy, Rape in the Second Degree by Instrumentation, and Rape in the First Degree.

According to court records, the sexual assaults began back in December 2013, and ended in June of this year.

Holzclaw is also accused of violating the terms of his bond.  According to court documents, Holzclaw left his parent's home without notifying anyone.

Earlier this month a judge reduced the police officer's bond from 5 million to 500 thousand dollars.

Prosecutors are now asking an Oklahoma judge to increase his bond.

In the document, Assistant District Attorney Gayland Gieger writes, "Obviously, having bond in the amount of $500,000 when there were eight victims and sixteen charged counts was not sufficient to keep the Defendant from violating the terms and conditions Ordered by this Court.  Therefore, there can be no logical expectation that the same amount of bond is sufficient with now ten victims and twenty-six charged sex crimes pending against him."

In addition to the new counts, prosecutors say there is still unidentified female DNA evidence from Holzclaw's police uniform pants, which indicates there are more victims yet to be located.

Gieger believes that since the DNA on Holzclaw's pants has not been identified, he is free to intimidate the possible victim while on bond.

A hearing for the bond increase is set for October 2.

Holtzclaw is on paid leave while the case is being investigated.

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