Bob Moore Chopper 4 helps catch suspect in high speed chase

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla. - A suspect in a high speed chase ends up behind bars with help from Bob Moore Chopper 4.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers spotted a motorcycle driver speeding down the Turner Turnpike at speeds over a hundred miles an hour.

When troopers tried to stop the driver he sped away.

"He refused to stop and exited at Wellston," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Betsy Randolph. "We'd already lost him when he got off at Wellston. We'd lost him."

Unfortunately for the driver, Bob Moore Chopper 4 spotted the suspect and watched as he pulled off the road into a random house and asked for gas.

"I had no idea he was running from the law, but I knew something was wrong," said the lady who lives at the home Annette Martin.

The suspect asked Annette for help, which she refused to give, and wisely locked the door.

"I thought to myself "be safe," so I shut the door and locked it," said Martin.

That's when the driver tried to hide his motorcycle, but thanks to directions given by NewsChannel 4, state troopers showed up and arrested the suspect at gunpoint.

"Lucky for us Jon Welsh was in Channel 4's helicopter looking for him and because we were able to partner with Channel 4 we were able to get this guy," said Randolph.

The suspect 22-year-old Gary Cook does not appear to have any outstanding warrants.

The chase started because he got clocked going over a hundred miles an hour on his bike and thought he could outrun police.

"He didn't want to get caught. He knew he was facing a 3 or 4 hundred dollar ticket," said Randolph. "It's an extremely dangerous situation when people run from police. Anything could happen. He could have lost his life, especially on a motorcycle."

The suspect was taken to the Lincoln County jail facing serious charges for the chase.