Ebola threat doesn’t stop local church members from mission

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Six members of First Christian Church in Edmond say the Ebola threat is not changing their plans to fly to Africa Wednesday morning.

Frank Gresh says they will be drilling wells in Africa.

Using technology from Water 4, an organization started here in Oklahoma, they'll be bringing clean water to thousands.

"Certainly as I've been talking to my friends, as we've gone along and told them what we're doing and what our plans are, they're like - you're still going? You're still going? Yeah, we're still going," said Gresh.

Gresh says they'll be traveling to the Democratic Republic of Congo for three weeks.

The threat of Ebola is low there.

"Where we're going, it is not endemic to the area. In fact, it's half a continent away in the western part of Africa," said Gresh.

They will still be taking precautions and have met with the epidemiologist at the Oklahoma City County Health Department.

"If we do have it here, we're prepared as much as we can to make sure that it doesn't spread to the general public. And individuals who are traveling in those regions have been given the proper information to prevent that spread within our community as well," said Cynthia Harry, epidemiologist with the Oklahoma City County Health Department.

Gresh says the blessings they will be bringing to the people of that region far outweigh the possibility of getting a disease.

"God calls us to be the hands and feet of Christ," said Gresh.

Gresh says they do not have to be in isolation when they get back from their trip.