Great State: The Chemistry of Becoming Oklahoma City’s Best Bartender

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- The elements may have different names, but don't tell Jeff Cole there's no chemistry in what he does behind a bar.

He's the beverage manager at the Ambassador Hotel's O Bar.

Jeff's been a bartender and student of mixology ever since he turned 'legal' at age 21.

Back then he just liked all the gadgets involved in the bartending trade.

Constantly experimenting, Jeff says he builds on what's come before.

Cole let us peek behind the 'bottled curtain'.

We monitored his lab technique in making his own version of a Zombie.

His take 3 kinds of rum, 3/4 ounce each, a few drops of absinthe, strong tonic, lime juice, white grapefruit juice.

Pour that over ice, shake, pour, then add falernum foam and you're done.

Back in August Jeff stood behind another bar and made drinks for judges.

He won the first ever Oklahoma Cocktail Shakedown.

Jeff received a nice check and a big championship belt to show off.

One more round before we go.

We had Jeff make us a Sazerac, one of the most popular drinks on the O Bar menu.

It takes 2 ounces of rye whiskey, 4 dashes of Creole bitters, a half-ounce of home-made simple syrup.

Stir that with ice for exactly 35 seconds, spritz the glass with absinthe, and pour it through a strainer.

The final step; zest with lemon peel.

Mr. Cole won't win any Nobel prizes with his brand of chemistry, but the Swiss don't give out championship belts like his either.

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