Local real estate agent says thieves targeted her

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It was a frightening situation for a local real estate agent.

Her purse and laptop were stolen during a recent encounter with two men who were wanting to view a home.

The woman works at a model home, so she is there everyday.

While she's been trained to be careful she never expected someone to walk in and steal from her.

Tammy, who's last name we are not using, said, "When something doesn't feel right you know it's not."

It was that feeling Tammy believes saved her Saturday morning.

She was working at a model home in Northwest Oklahoma City when two men came in wanting to see the home.

They took off in different directions, one making his way through the house the other going outside.

Tammy says she followed the man who went into the home.

She was making small talk when the man got defensive.

She decided to wait for him in the entry way, talking loudly as if nothing was wrong.

Tammy said, "He says come show me this bedroom, which is the very far back bedroom."

She said, "I froze in fear and felt like I have to get out of here. I said, 'Oh, I think some other people are coming in.'"

At that point, the suspect rushed out from the back of the house.

He briefly stopped in the kitchen before heading out of the door to where his friend was waiting.

Tammy said, "He says, 'You stay here, OK.'"

As the two men got in their car and raced out of the driveway Tammy called police.

That's also when she noticed the doors to her Jeep were open, her purse and laptop were gone."

Sergeant Jennifer Wardlow, with Oklahoma City Police, said, "She did exactly what she should have done."

Police say her decision to say someone else was coming in was a good move.

They say if you have to be alone, it's important to have a safety plan.

They also say you should never be afraid to call 911.

Wardlow said, "If anything at any time makes you uncomfortable always call police."

Tammy has canceled all of her credit cards, but her bank has told her someone has tried to use some of them at gas stations and other locations around the metro.

Tammy's company does a lot of safety training; however, in light of this incident, they are working to also train employees in self-defense.

The suspects were last seen driving a silver Nissan 350Z.

The victim described both suspects as white men in their late 20s to early 30s.

One was described as about 5'10" tall, approximately 175 pounds with a slender build, dark short hair and scruffy face.

The second man was over 6'0" tall and heavy set.