Shooting range owner declares business “Muslim Free Zone” after Oklahoma beaheading

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HOT SPRING, Ark. – The owner of an Arkansas shooting range is sparking controversy after declaring her business a “Muslim Free Zone.”

Jan Morgan, from The Gun Cave, made the proclamation on her website, which has since been taken down.

In the statement, she lists reasons for banning Muslims from the indoor firing range, including the Fort Hood shooting, 9/11 and the recent beheading of a woman at an Oklahoma food distribution plant.

“I could see her concerns about all that I’ve heard that’s going on and it is scary. It’s really scary. But also, as my friend said, you can’t judge one person because the other has done it,” said Brandi Shipman.

“That’s just like saying how a lot of Christian people back during the crusades, how a lot of people had killed people just for no reason, just in the name of God,” said Richard Laquerre.

KARK has not been able to reach Morgan for a comment, but her Facebook page thanks fans for their support.