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Officials explain why “Santa Fe Sam” investigation took months

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EDMOND, Okla. - NewsChannel 4 is learning more about allegations against a beloved high school janitor.

Sam Selig, better known as "Santa Fe Sam", is facing five felony charges including lewd acts with his own young relatives and child pornography.

After Selig announced his resignation on Facebook, rumors filled the halls at school.

One Santa Fe employee messaged him asking, “'what the hell is going on? You molested your own relatives? I am appalled but all I see points to that.”

Selig responded, “Yes, that is what getting stupid drunk does for you.”

A NewsChannel 4 crew was there months ago when Selig was questioned by detectives.

Logan County Chief Deputy Rich Stephens says, “It was kind of a strange interview.”

Stephens says Selig denied he'd molested one young relative, but when they asked what that Facebook message was all about he admitted to molesting another.

Investigators believe both were victims.

“It just adds up,” says Stephens. “The evidence is there whether he confesses to it or not.”

After months of investigating they finally felt they had enough to lock him up.

One of the victims lives more than two hours away from Logan County, so that delayed things for detectives.

Also it took months for OSBI's crime lab to do a forensic analysis on Selig's computer.

They found multiple images and videos of child pornography.

The allegations are hard for the Edmond Santa Fe community to hear.

Even Chief Deputy Stephens still gets chills thinking about it.

“My son played at Santa Fe and Sam broadcasted my son’s games for many years,” says Stephens. “Many people trusted him and still don’t believe these allegations and I wouldn’t either if I didn’t have the knowledge that I have of the investigation.”

It was DHS that brought the allegations to Logan County’s attention, but they believe the victim’s parents knew about it but did not call police.

Court documents say they talked about the situation as a family and decided they were not going to report it.