Jesus statue returns to local Baptist Catholic church

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UPDATE 10/5/2014: The statue of Jesus was returned to St John the Baptist Catholic Church Saturday evening in Edmond.

Detectives are still working this case.

EDMOND, Okla. -  Under a canopy of trees, right outside St. John The Baptist Catholic Church in Edmond, is a quiet sanctuary for meditation and memories.

"Thousands and thousands of pictures have been taken in this very spot, probably in the back of bride, confirmation, kid's Easter pictures," said Anne Keef, a church employee.

Late Monday night, a team of thieves stole a statue of Jesus.

"Who steals Jesus?" asked Keef.

There are dozens of cameras positioned all around the church.

They captured five young men pulling into the parking lot in a light-colored Jeep and a sedan.

Two minutes later, the Jesus statue is loaded up and hauled away.

"They were on a mission. When they pulled up, it was pretty obvious. They pulled up and knew what they were going to do," said Keef.

Surprisingly, this is not the first theft here at St. John The Baptist Catholic Church.

About two years ago, thieves ripped off Mother Mary.

However, that statue has since been replaced.

"This one is marble from Italy.  There ain't nothing moving that. She is there to stay.  That's not a challenge, " said Keef.

The church believes in forgiveness and just wants Jesus returned, no questions asked.

" Absolutely! If they'll give it to somebody to give it back, that would be fine," she said.

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