Ebola: Are you safe at the Red River Shootout from the deadly virus?

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OKLAHOMA CITY - In just a matter of days, tens of thousands of Sooner fans will be headed to the OU-Texas game in Dallas, where the nation's first Ebola patient diagnosed on American soil is being treated.

Many fans are now wondering if they should be concerned about the illness coming back with them to the Sooner State.

Doctors say the fear of Ebola is mainly due to the fact so many of us don't really know that much about the illness.

However, they say your risk of contracting the virus is actually lower than you might think.

An altered picture of the Texas State Fair's Big Tex has been circulating on social media sites.

In the photo, the statue is seen wearing a hospital mask over his face.

While the photo is making light of the serious situation, it has some asking about the safety of traveling to Big “D”.

“We're all concerned in the health care industry,” said Dr. David Chansolme, an infectious disease doctor with Integris Southwest Medical Center.

While he says hospitals are taking extra precautions and in many cases, asking patients about travel history, Ebola is not something that should concern the general person.

“Ebola is only transmitted by the ill patient. It's not transmitted by someone who is not symptomatic,” said Chansolme.

Those symptoms include fever, sore throat, muscle pain and weakness, unexplained bleeding and abdominal pain.

It's spread only through bodily fluids, not through casual contact with others.

“Just having interaction with the general population at the fair or at the game or something of that nature would not be a risk factor at all for coming into contact with Ebola,” he said.

In fact, Chansolme says go and have fun.

“I would be more afraid of the corn dogs than I would be of Ebola. I would say go have a great time at the game,” he said.

We've heard attendance has been down at the Texas State Fair this year, something many blame on the Ebola scare.

We called fair officials to see if that is true; however, they have not returned our phone calls.