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Gay marriages could mean more wedding business in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Businesses across the state are now preparing for a new kind of wedding.

With the legalization of gay marriage just yesterday, bakeries and flower shops are gearing up for an onslaught of same-sex weddings.

Although Mayflower Congregational Church is open to same-sex weddings, not all of the wedding industry is greeting the weddings with open arms.

Leo's Cakery on 29th in South Oklahoma City is ramping up for new business now that there's a new wedding industry in town.

"Actually today I just took my very first order, a couple of hours ago," Leo Guevara, owner of the cake shop says.

Guevara said it will be his first same-sex wedding cake to bake.

"They asked me first if I can make one of those cakes and I said, yes of course we can make anything," Guevara said.

Leo's was actually on a list of a few bakeries and chapels we called around the Metro.

One bakery told NewsChannel 4 they did not agree with gay marriage and would not accommodate any of those celebrations.

They quickly ended our call.

"You're a bakery, you're a photographer, you're providing a service to the public, those individuals do not enjoy the same level of protection as churches do," Ryan Kiesel, the executive director for the Oklahoma ACLU says. "Churches and religious institutions that are performing traditionally religious services have been given protections under the law to discriminate."

Businesses who would speak with us on camera say money is money and there's no reason to discriminate.

"We think of brides as brides and brides can have same-sex marriages or heterosexual marriages," Patrick Kelly, co-owner of J.J. Kelly's Bridal Shop says.

Kelly says it's nothing new for their shop.

"Brides are beautiful and who they marry is their choice," Kelly said.

Many shops around the Metro believe legalization of gay marriage will help the local wedding industry.

"It's more business. More business, more sales, it doesn't really bother me who the cake is for. I just make the cakes, that's what I do," Guevara said.

We tried to contact many people with different opinions for our report, only those who say they do not discriminate would speak with us.