In Your Corner: OK senior gets surprise of a lifetime

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OKLA. CITY - Over the years our In Your Corner team's pulled off some epic surprises.

Tuesday morning, they were at it again.

This time it was Ann Berry receiving the goodwill.

The 71-year old is a heart patient and lives in poverty.

Some weeks she can barely afford groceries.

She contacted us because her stove is in real bad shape.

The burners don’t work.

We wanted Ann to feel special, so we pulled a few strings.

Hahn Appliance met us at her home bearing a big gift!

They surprised her with a brand new, working stove.

“Thank you Jesus,” Ann says. “Thank you Jesus. Whew! It's beautiful.

The guys from Hahn hauled off Ann's old stove and installed her new one.

The savvy senior has big plans in the kitchen, starting with homemade meatloaf.

Ann’s hungry to pay it forward.

“I love Channel 4,” she says. “That's my station. I tell everybody if they need help to call Scott and he sure will do his best to try to help you.”