In Your Corner: High water bills suck wallet dry

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OKLA. CITY - Rob Ezzell says the city of Oklahoma City has been overcharging him for his water.

“When we first moved in it was $70, then it went up to $80 and $90.

Rob’s water bill topped off at about $140 this past January.

“It had almost doubled in that length of time,” he says.

Rob says there's no way he and his wife are using that much water.

Rob's complained to the city.

The city finally switched out their old water meter with a new one.

The city says it wasn’t because of a malfunction, but because of a citywide meter replacement program.

To Rob's delight, his next month's water bill was way cheaper.

“My water usage before they replaced the meter was 19 units and then it dropped to four,” he says.

Rob was told he'd get a large refund, but then the city rescinded their offer after Rob's water usage spiked again to 15 units in May.

We can't say for sure why that happened, but since May Rob's water bills have been about four times cheaper.

Rob still wants his refund.

We reached out to the city, who sent a plumber to Rob's house to do an inspection.

Water utilities spokesperson, Debbie Raga, says, "After having our on-staff plumber investigate the possibility of leaks, at no charge to the customer, we decided an adjustment was warranted in this case."

Rob gets his $583 refund, after all.

If you have questions about your water usage or bill, contact the city and they'll send out a plumber to inspect your meter and line.


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