Waitress receives $200 tip on $22 bill

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VIRGINIA – A Virginia waitress could not believe her luck when she got the tip of a lifetime.

Annarosa Lopez said she was nervous about starting at a new restaurant in a new town.

But she says by her second day on the job, those nerves went away.

“It was pretty simple to come in. Just getting the hang of how other people work with you,” Lopez said.

Less than an hour before closing, Annarosa said a couple walked into the restaurant and say in her section.

“I have a personality, I like to make people smile and laugh, so I started with that,” Lopez said.

But then she says the conversation got deeper.

“We started talking about my family, my three children. We talked about his children, they are getting ready to have their first grandchild,” Lopez said.

Lopez said they also connected over their shared Christian faith, a topic she says means a lot to her.

“I feel as though I wouldn’t have this job if it wasn’t for God. This job was a blessing,” Lopez said.

Lopez says before her sons moved to Mexico earlier this year she was a stay at home mom. She says she took this job to support them.

Lopez says she thanked the couple and handed them their bill. When her manager went to collect it, he says he couldn’t believe what he saw, a $200 tip.

“I looked and said are you sure?” Gerardo Sanchez, the manager said.

Lopez said the money has made an impact on her and her sons’ livesd

It has also put her in the good graces of her boss.


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