Woman killed on I-35 service road remembered by family

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LEXINGTON, Okla. - A family is left to plan the funeral of a 30-year-old mother who was shot at the hands of a man involved in a shootout with police.

Samantha Monden died along the I-35 service road just before the 29th street exit ramp in south Oklahoma City. It's just a quarter of a mile south of the Plaza Inn where Shane Rhea began shooting a police officers.

A teenage girl who calls herself Monden's little sister, helps paint a better picture of who Samantha Monden was.

Among all the pain and tears, family still smiled at the thought of their sweet loving Sammie.

"If you were in a bad mood, she would do anything to make you smile," Lille Turnage said.

Turnage says she and Monden were raised like sisters.

"Whenever I was little, she would take me out and go do random stuff," Turnage said.

She even got to be a part of Monden's wedding.

"Her wedding was awesome. I ended up going down the aisle barefoot because I had blisters on my feet," Turnage says.

For this young teen, Sammie, as she was known, was her best friend.

"I know almost everything about her and she knows almost everything about me," Turnage remembers.

What she doesn't know is why Sammie's life had to end the way it did.

"I fell down in the hallway and just started screaming and crying , in my mind she`s not allowed to leave me," Turnage says.

Police say Monden was executed at the hands of Shane Rhea, shortly after a shoot out with police.

"It's unreal, I mean I never would've thought she'd be the one to die, she's not supposed to die before her parents," Turnage says.

A hard reality that's left this family planning a funeral for this young mother of two.

"She loved her kids to no end and she would've done anything for them," Turnage said.

Police are still trying to figure out why Monden was at the hotel.

Family says right now, they're just worried about Monden's young son and daughter that are left behind.

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