Trick-or-treat thief: Suspect allegedly robs two stores wearing Halloween masks

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Halloween is still 21 days away, but one armed robber apparently couldn’t wait to dress up.

On Thursday night, police say a man wearing Halloween masks robbed two different gas stations just one hour apart.

A man walked into a gas station at N.W. 12th St. and May Ave. wearing a white skeleton mask and told the clerk that he was being robbed.

“I thought it was a joke at first, I started laughing,” said Shahbaz Afzal. “I thought it was a customer trying to be a prankster.”

Even after the masked thief pulled out a gun, Shahbaz struggled to take the stickup seriously.

“I was like, ‘Man, I think your gun is fake.’ And then he pointed it at my face and asked if I wanted to know if it’s fake, and I was like, ‘Not really,” said Shahbaz.

Shahbaz then reluctantly grabbed money from the register and the alleged suspect ran away.

“I didn’t want to give him the money but he pointed the gun at me, and I just thought give him the money and let him get out of here,” said Shahbaz.

One hour before that crime, the armed suspect came into a Food Mart on S.E. 59th St. wearing a red devil mask.

Once again, the man demanded cash and sped away.

Shahbaz just hopes the masked suspect gets arrested before he strikes again.

“Well, I hope he gets caught because that’s my hard-earned money,” said Shahbaz. “He’s doing it the wrong way.”

Oklahoma City police say even though the robber wore two different masks, they have good reason to think it’s the same suspect.

Authorities say the alleged crook drove off in the same black SUV with large rims.

The suspect did threaten the victims, but because the clerks cooperated in both cases, no one was hurt.