Boy Scout working on badge for knot tying accidentally hangs self

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ONEONTA, Ala. (WBRC) – AJ Underwood was like many other 10-year-old boys.

He was a member of a football team and a Boy Scout.

AJ had been trying to earn his merit badge for knot tying when he decided to practice in his room.

“We had been learning how to tie rope, tie knots in ropes in Boy Scouts. He came into the house and had unpacked his Boy Scout bag, and he went in his room and was apparently playing with the rope and slipped and got caught in it,”  Dana Wiseman, AJ’s aunt, told WBRC. 

His mother says they were getting ready for a birthday party when she called for him and he didn’t answer.

When she went to his room, she found him hanging from a rope tied to his bunk bed.

Authorities believe he died instantly.

Wiseman says the family is not handling his death well, but is trying to take it one day at a time.

“He’s mama’s boy. She needs him more than he ever needed her. He took care of things. He was always smiling and happy. He would do anything for anybody. He’s the best kid I’ve ever known,” Wiseman said.

Family and friends established a fund to help with AJ’s burial expenses.