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Columbus Day 2014: What’s Open, What’s Closed?

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Happy Columbus Day!  Do you know the history of Christopher Columbus?

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked some folks questions about Columbus and you might be surprised by their answers.

Watch the video below.

Here’s the real history.

Explorer and navigator Christopher Columbus left Spain in 1492 with the Santa Maria, the Pinta, and the Niña along side.

He was determined to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia, but he never did.

However, he did accidentally stumble upon the Americas.

Historians say he didn’t ‘discover’ the New World, because people already lived there.

Instead, he is credited for opening up the Americas to European colonization.

Columbus was born in Italy and sailed for King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella of Spain.

He made a total of four trips to the Caribbean and South America during the years 1492-1504.


Not everyone gets Columbus Day off, but there are some things closed Monday, Oct. 13..

The U.S. celebrates every 2nd Monday of October.

It is a federal holiday, but only 23 states recognize the holiday

The state of Oklahoma does not officially observe Columbus Day as a holiday.

Oklahoma state offices will be open, but the day is celebrated by each tribe.

Most of the northeast corner of the state will celebrate Monday as Cherokee Day, but there are 8 other tribes nearby, and each will attach their name to the celebration.

There is no mail delivery, federal offices will be closed, and only a few banks will open for business on Monday.

Post Office branches are closed and will re-open and resume regular mail delivery on Tuesday.

The stock market will be open.

Oklahoma schools are open.


Columbus Day is a big day for bargain hunters!

There are many sales happening on the holiday.

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