‘Cotton Bowl baby’ delivered during the big game

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MUSTANG, Okla - There are very few things more important to the Unsell family than sports!

Jake and Kari were watching the Red River Shootout Saturday, when the unexpected happened!

"Maybe I cheered a little too much," Kari said.

9 months pregnant, Kari went into labor. And there was no time to get to the hospital.

"It was game on!  She was coming, ready to say hi," Kari's husband, Jake said.

This was the pinnacle of teamwork, according to Kari. "No doctors,  no nurses, no drugs, no anything.  It was just me and dad."

On the bathroom floor, just as the Sooners were celebrating a victory, the Unsells were celebrating a the arrival of a beautiful baby girl, Emily.

Surprisingly, this is not  their first "bowl baby".  Big brother Jacob was born on Super Bowl Sunday.

"2012.  Giants Patriots. That was a pretty good day for us too," Unsell said.

And dads know that there are some things that are better than sports.

"I would say I have a top priority over football. If I have to brush hair and play with dolls during a game perfectly fine with that."